Transition Planning Resources- “Transition” is the term used by educators to refer to the planning process that happens with a student to help him or her prepare for life after high school: being prepared to enter the workforce, or post-secondary education, and living independently. (MCST)

Individuals with Disabilities Act - IDEA 2004 requires Transition Services to be “results-oriented” to “facilitate the child’s movement from school to post school activities . . .” [1] The law requires that the Individual Education Plan (IEP) Transition Services be in place by (before) the child’s 16th birthday.[2]

IDEA 2004 and Transition Planning / Person Centered Planning / Age Appropriate Transition Assessment / Transition Links / Self Determination / Transition Planning for the Person with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities / Major Components of the Transition Plan /

School to Work -On May 4, 1994 President Clinton signed into law the School to Work Opportunities Act of 1994 (P. L. 103-239) The Act is a joint initiative between the Departments of Education and Labor. The purpose of the law is to develop work based learning opportunities for all students, including students with disabilities.

Components of School to Work include: Vocational Skills, Workplace Readiness Skills and Career Development The goal for students to experience real-life exposure to the adult world of work. This takes careful planning, knowledge of child labor laws and program approval from the Department of Labor. Students can also participate in in-school career development and vocational classes and activities.

Life Skills refers to a focus of intensely integrating real life applications in all curriculum areas. Students in life skills educational programs are typically students with significant learning, cognitive, and other conditions (e.g., autism, multiple disabilities, and low incidence disabilities), whose disability impacts their ability to access grade level course content without a strong system of educational supports (accommodations, modifications, and assistive technology) and services (occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech and language therapy etc.). use oral therapy for erectile dysfunction with medication online. These students (although not always) include students who:

Life Skills Instruction- Employment Skills, Student-Focused Planning from National Secondary Transition Technical Assistance Center -NSTTAC

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Special Education and Other Education Links

Accommodations, Modifications and Strategies to help students gain access to the general education curriculum

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This website was created by Paula Lombardi, M.Ed, Special Education and Learning and Language Disabilities. Teacher Certification in: Learning and Language Disabilities, General Special Education, Elementary Education, and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities- IDD.

My teaching background: classroom teacher and then vocational development teacher at a private special education school, public high school special education, transition coordinator, college faculty in a teacher certification program including online course development and teaching, tutoring, special education advocacy, and volunteering at NH adaptive ski program.

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