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Person Centered Planning

to achieve and sustain positive outcomes for youth with disabilities by

identification, integration, and alignment of services and supports within communities, as well as the development of meaningful linkages across systems and partnerships among various stakeholders

There are several Person-Centered Planning tools/models and resources that you could use to assist youth in creating a plan. Each model/tool has its strengths and they can be adapted based on a youth’s preferences and styles. There are a variety of names for Person-Centered Planning including whole life planning, personal futures planning. Check out the websites below to learn more about person centered planning.

The Person-Centered Planning Education Site has information on many types of person centered planning. The site has online “courses” that provide information and training around person centered planning. Each contains an introduction and overview, an activity, a quiz, in-depth readings, and links & resources page.

Using Person Centered Planning for Transition- Offering an overview of person-centered planning techniques and their use during transition planning. You will learn about why person-centered planning was developed, the major features of person-centered methods, and applying person-centered planning to transition men's health and wellness facility.

starCommunity Resource Mapping - 52 page booklet on Essential Tools

The Learning Community for Person-Centered Practices has a Reading Room with a tools, strategies and success stories to assist with person centered planning.

MAPS- Making Action Plans: Dreams, Fears, Needs Statements regarding the student

Needs statements might include some of the following:
Further vocational assessment
Job exploration in a specific area
Involvement in community activities
Exploration of independent living options
Additional community support services
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Skill development in a specific area

Transition Planning, Person Centered Planning, MAPS- are similar processes to determine the student's vision for his/her future developed by the student, family members, school personnel, adult service providers, and agencies

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