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Introduction to Work and Why People Work

NH Curriculum Standards for Career Development- Career Learning

Curriculum Standard: Students will acquire the knowledge, attitudes, and skills to make a successful transition from school to the world of work and adult life.

CD - - Demonstrate an understanding of how work is important to all people.

Why People Work- ( pdf file) - using Mayer Johnson Boardmaker Picture/Symbols, illustrates the basics of:

Basic concept is people need jobs to earn money to buy the basics in life first ( food, clothing, shelter) and then they can use their money to buy things they want. To be with others moves into the social reasons people work. Introduction level activities could include.

Info Pages on :

  1. Read Why People Work, discuss
  2. Read Work, Job, and Career
  3. Follow up quiz on Why People Work
  4. Follow up with worksheet- Why Work Anyway?
  5. Read Parts Of Your Lifestyle
  6. Your Lifestyle Questions- take each of the 6 lifestyle categories and describe what level of importance it is to the individual.
  7. Do the Occupational choices activity
  8. Read Your Work Affects Your Lifestyle- discuss and answer questions from the text
  9. Read Plan Your Work to Fit Your Lifestyle
  10. Wrap Up activity: Make a poster using an opened file folder and cut and past pictures from magazines ( or elsewhere) that Illustrate Parts of Your lifestyle.
  11. Other activity- have students estimate what percentage of there time they would like to spend on each of the 6 categories of Lifestyle ( to add up to 100)