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This page is dedicated to identifying good resources of information on math learning disabilities.

The target audience is both teachers and parents of students/children struggling to learn math concepts and process.

animated book These articles look at the processing problems that may result in math learning disability and present strategies for remediation

Learning Disabilities and How They Affect Mathematics Performance

What is a Mathematics Learning Disability- from the Council on Learning Disability CLD

Learning Disabilties in Math

Math Website/Resource Links Supplementary Math-Elementary Level- Multisensory Math activities, videos, lesson plans and activities. The site includes science materials lot of information on math disability


Mathematics Instruction for Secondary Students with Learning Disabilities

Grade Your Child's Math Class - this article from an Annenberg/CPB Math and Science Project. lists characteristics of a good math class. What are the students and the teachers doing? Observe interactions, materials used, how is math being applied to real life...

KHAN Academy- Learn math through online videos- and meet Salman KHAN founder of KHAN Academy via the video on edutopia

Check out this example of a KHAN Academy math lesson

YouTube Math Tutors

Math in the US Today- YouTube- on math reasoning and math problem sovling.

Whole Brain Teaching during Math, First Grade- YouTube

Memory Aids for Fractions and Decimals -

Dyscalculia: Letter to My Teacher- ie. Classroom learning accommodations/considerations for the student with a math disability.

Basics of Math from Misunderstood Minds- PBS/WGBH

This website has several layers of useful information on the basics of math, what happens when students aren't getting "it" and what are the cognitive processes involved when students are having difficulty learning math.  There are numerous strategies both teachers and parents can use to support learning and success of math instruction with their children/students.

Basics of Math

Difficulties with Mathematics

Where do I begin? Strategies in Math

Suggested Mathematics Learning Accommodations for Specific Learning Disabilities
These are suggestions for mathematics learning accommodations based on specific learning disabilities. These learning accommodations have been proven successful with many learning disabled students. Not all of these learning accommodations are usually needed for most of the learning disabled students. Even using all these learning accommodations may not circumvent every student's learning disability. However, in every case the learning disabled students must be taught math study skills to help compensate for their learning problems.
Visual Processing Speed/Visual Processing
Note-taker* Re-Work notes* Tape Recorder with tape counter* Large print handouts* Large print copies of important textbook pages* Taped textbook* Turn note book sideways* Take notes in different pen colors* Trained tutors

Short-Term Memory/Auditory Processing

Note-takers* Re-work notes* Tape recorder with tape counter* Physical proximity Math video tapes* Trained tutor* Tape record important tutor explanations

Fluid Reasoning/Long Term Retrieval

Note-takers* Re-work notes* Tape recorder with tape counter* Handouts* Math video tapes* Fact sheets (flash cards)*
Color coded problem steps* Trained tutor* Tape record important tutor explanations* Strategy Cards for Higher Grades* Calculators

Suggested Mathematics Testing Accommodations For Specific Learning Disabilities

Visual Processing Speed/Visual Processing
Extended time* Private test area* Quiet test area* Enlarged test questions* Test readers* Recording test on audio tape*
Kinesthetic options(chalkboard)* Specially lined/oriented paper* Color coded math equations* Calculators
Short-term Memory/Audio Processing
Extended time   * Quiet test area*     Recording test on audio tape
Fluid Reasoning/Long-term Memory
Extended time    * Private test area    * Quiet test area*     Fact sheet handouts    * Strategy Cards for Higher Grades  
  *Clarification of test questions    * Calculators

Alternative Test Formats

Oral test     *Video monitored enlarged test    * Computer enlarged test    * Computer speech enhanced test   

math symbols

    Darwin, Charles
             Mathematics seems to endow one with something like a new sense.

Weyl, Hermann (1885 - 1955)

We are not very pleased when we are forced to accept a mathematical truth by virtue of a complicated chain of formal conclusions and computations, which we traverse blindly, link by link, feeling our way by touch. We want first an overview of the aim and of the road; we want to  understand the idea of the proof, the deeper context.

Worksheets for Math Tutoring or Practice

Multiplication worksheets-

Multiplication Grid-

Multiplication - Numbers up to 12- interactive- self correcting- - worksheets

Multiplication Worksheets from

Worksheets by grade level - includes math -


by Paula Lombardi

updated 5-13-2012