Career Awareness-page two


Jobs that can be created in and around the school area.

  • Laundry- doing laundry for younger grades or for art room.
  • Cafeteria Work-  wiping tables and chairs, dry and wet mopping, sweeping, filling condiments, vacuuming.
  • Custodial Work- general clean up around the school including, mopping, sweeping, dusting, windows, getting rid of trash, painting, refilling paper towel dispensers etc.
  • School store- students work as cashiers, greeters, clerks, they learn to handle money and other sales and social skills related skills.
  • Grounds Keeping- seasonal outside work (raking, weeding, and spreading of bark mulch).
  • Clerical Work-  Data entry, mail outs, photocopying, filing,...
  • Bus Maintenance- cleaning buses, washing, vacuuming etc.
  • Filling Soda/Juice Machines- collecting the money, counting the money and passing it to the appropriate person.
  • Recycling-
  • Creative Arts- making sets for plays, working lights for plays and other school auditorium events


Food Service- packaging silverware, weighing and bagging dry good from government surplus boxes, cold food preparation, dessert prep. stocking shelves with canned and dry goods from food service deliveries, washing pots and pans, and dry and wet mopping the floors.


Vocational Classes

Home Economics- food preparation, nutrition planning, cake decorating, child care, sewing skills, basket weaving...
Horticulture- plant care, landscaping, flower arranging, gardening, seasonal projects...
Technology Education/Building Trades- computer assisted design, wood working projects and skills, general computer skills...
Office Occupations- word processing, desktop publishing, general computer skills, office skills: collating, filing, organizing information...
Art-crafts, design projects, pottery, ...

Volunteer Experiences

American Red Cross

Animal Shelters

Public Library

Tutoring younger children

Community Center

Fund Raisers for various non profit organizations our school needs

Contract Work

Usually a large quantity of repetitive work done for a community business. An example would be a mail out where students are folding mail, stuffing envelopes and labeling envelopes. Sometimes students get paid by at a piece work rate.
Similar work can be found on campus from the various offices who have mail outs, handbooks etc. that need to be assembled, folded, stuffed, labeled etc.

Community Based Work Sites

      • Local Greenhouse
      • Salvation Army Store
      • Grocery Store
      • Department Stores
      • Pizza/Deli
      • Bakery
      • Restaurants
      • Day Care Center
      • Car Dealership
      • Seasonal- ex. landscaping
      • Recreation Department
      • Nursing Home
      • Hospital