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  • Saves Natural Resources
  • Saves Energy
  • Saves the Environment
  • Saves on Disposal Capacity and Costs
  • Creates Jobs
  • And is Good Business

In the school, in the community, at local businesses... RECYCLING is a regular part of an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Make it an experience for all students of all ages!

Collect and Sort Recyclables -cardboard, box board, newsprint, magazine, and mixed and white office paper. Glass, tin, plastic, and aluminum cans.

Pick Up Paper around School- A typical school’s waste stream consists of more than 40% paper! Set up classrooms and offices to have two bins each, one for confidential paper and one for paper recycling. Students pick up paper, and bring it to sites to be sorted.

recycle at work

REUSE IT - Save the good paper from the recycling program.


  • Take out paper clips and good office materials to reuse.
  • Make note pads out of the good paper.
  • Purchase a paper shredding machine and shred confidential documents.
  • Glass, plastic, aluminum and tin are also saved, cleaned and picked up to go to the recycling center where they can be sorted by students.
  • After this you can have a vendor pick up the recyclables, bring it to a vendor, or bring it to the local town recycling center.


Cartridges for Kids

Cartridges for Kids- Great Fundraiser

Recycling Tips- lists of things you can do.

Add recycling bins for plastic and glass bottles and aluminum cans around the school. Students can pick up them and sort contents for recycling. Lots of school "jobs" can be created through the recycling program and curriculum goals and specific skills embeded in the program.

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