Job Seeking Skills


workersSchool to Work Unit 9

This unit includes information on: places to find information on jobs, preparing a resume, filling out job applications forms, other job related forms and interviewing for a job.

Provide Handouts/ Study Guides on:
  • Preparing a Resume
  • Letters of Reference
  • Resume Template
  • Job Interviewing Tips
  • Sample Questions Used in Employment Interviews
  • Examples of Questions You Can Ask
  • Interview Rating Sheet
  • Resume/Job History Writing
  • Links to Job



Introduce the Resume Unit with a definition:
"A Resume is a 1-2 page outline of your, Education, Work Experience, and Hobbies and Interests".
*Using a word processing template and some guidance, each student should be able to design a professional looking resume. Lack of work experience can be compensated for by including vocational education classes, specific work related skills and behaviors and the students interests and personal accomplishments
Present Chronological and Skills based resume and discuss the differences.
Preparing a Resume Guide -pass out for students to use as a reference in their personal resume writing. The following material was on this sheet.
The Resume Handbook For High School Students
Preparing a Resume
A resume is a job hunting tool: a personal catalog of your job qualifications and accomplishments. It does this by presenting the following information attractively and systematically.
Who you are- previous work experience & responsibilities.
What you know- education and training.
What kind of job you want- your career objective.
Why you should be hired- what you can do for an employer.
Resume Do's
  •  Use white or off-white paper, not colored.
  •  Limit your resume to one page, two if you have extensive experience
  •  CAPITALIZE major headings
  •  Double space between sections, single space between lines
  •  Be honest, do not exaggerate your experience or skills
  •  Correct all spelling errors- have 2 different people check it for errors.
  •  If it looks sloppy - redo it!
Resume Don'ts
  •  Do not date your resume- keep it current.
  •  Do not include your religious or political organization membership
  •  Do not mention salary- discuss this subject in the interview
  •  Do not include a photo with your resume
  •  Do not include birth date, social security number, height, weight, or marital status
  •  Do not give reasons for leaving past jobs
  •  Do not include every last detail of your life.
Use guidelines, and an outline of resume headings ( name/address/phone #), job goal, education, work experience, achievements, hobbies/ interest, and references).
Consult with staff (their job "coaches") as needed to get details of their jobs that they were not able to communicate effectively.
Assist the students with organizing the material into categories and paraphrasing the information. Stress the use of adjectives and action works in describing their work skills.
Help students choose appropriate hobbies/interests for their resumes.
Take the personal information off of the resumes and replaced it with name/address/phone, and displayed them on the bulletin board. This way other students and staff could try to guess who they belonged to.
Instead of a post test, students take their finished resume and the Preparing a Resume worksheet, go through each item on the worksheet by comparing it to the finished resume and checking off each item if it has been done correctly. Any corrections that need to be made can be done now. Print copies of the resumes, place in a page protector and store in the students notebooks. Keep the original in on disk for updating.

Useful Web SitesWhere and How to find jobs:
What Color is Your Parachute
Yellow Pages, newspaper want ads, business literature, magazines

Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH, Annual)

Occupational Outlook Quarterly

Guide for Occupational Exploration (GOE)

The Job Search- NHES- New Hampshire Employment Security

The Application- NHES

Preparing Resumes and Cover Letters -NHES

The Interview- NHES

Pocket Resume

Steps to Success

NH Works Job Match System

It's Interview Time

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