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    starLife Centered Career Education -LCCE published by The Council for Exceptional Children. The LCCE curriculum is an educational system designed to provide students who have mild mental disabilities, learning disabilities, or who are "at risk" with the important skills needed to function successfully as productive workers in the home and community.



 Social Skills on the Job- A Transition to the Workplace for Students with Special Needs -AGS, This practical, easy-to-use curriculum features a variety of interactive materials that provide a natural bridge between school and the workplace. Realistic video vignettes model appropriate behavior and illustrate actual work situations. Software helps reinforce skills and is ideal for individual instruction. Topics include:  Responding to introductions, Greeting authority figures, Getting to work on time, Knowing who to ask for help, and Dealing with criticism from an employer.
 Working 1 and 11- Attitudes and Habits for Getting and Holding a Job, and Interpersonal Skills Assessment for Employment. from James Stanfield Publishing Co. Videos with lesson plans and activities.

starGlencoe/McGraw-Hill text books and activities
Exploring Careers and Entering the World of Work
 Life Skills-Attitudes on the Job by Educational Design Inc.
 LifeSchool- Pitman Learning Inc., Belmont, CA
 Captioned Films/Videos Program, National Association of the Deaf, 1447 E. Main Street, Spartanbury, SC 29307. 800-6217 Voice, 800237-6819 TTY. Email-
 Keene State College Learning Resource Center ( LRC)- Mason Library, 603- 358-2750, email Judith Hildebrandt, Coordinator, They have many resources for school to work and vocational training: books, videos, and curricula.
The Employability Inventory- from Educational Associates Inc. 68 self assessment forms, job seeking and job keeping skills.
Job Search- Facts, Forms and Role Plays by Ellen McPeek Gilsan, Peekan Publications-PCI This program covers, applying for a job, and interviewing.
Job Search Workbook, published by State of NH Employment Security, 1995
A Young Person's Guide to Getting & Keeping a Good Job,  JIST WORKS Inc.
Yes I Can... Work with People, RPM Press
Career World- Weekly Readers series on employment information for high school students. High School level reading material that can be read to or modified for students with lower reading levels.
Capstone High/Low Books * great material on Life and Job Skills at 2-3 grade level reading.

Board Games:

starSome Great Materials from PCI Educational Publishing

Workplace Skills -Workplace Skills is ideal for inclusive, self-contained, and resource classrooms, because the object is not to win or lose, but to improve the following skills: -maintaining coworker and supervisor relationships -preparing for job interviews -understanding the importance of attendance -being punctual -following directions -using appropriate behavior -using transportation -using cooperation -managing money -following work dress code -understanding the purpose of work breaks -dealing with peer pressure -using job safety.

Money Skills- Reading Level: High-interest/low-level reading Age Appropriate Level: Elementary, Secondary, Adult identifying coins and bills -counting coins and bills -using vending machines -identifying sources of income -explaining deductions from paychecks -deciding how to spend money -paying bills -opening a checking and savings account -making a shopping list -using a calculator when shopping -identifying safe and unsafe places to keep money -receiving money or a paycheck -locating lost purses or wallets -reading various types of price tags -counting change -keeping receipts

Where Does All The Money Go- board game by PCI

Employment- Incentives For Learning Inc. Players learn to allocate a weekly paycheck, meet work related expenses, pay taxes, earn and pay interest, and make career decisions about job training and advancement at a basic level.

Careers- board game- Tiger Electronics Inc, higher level game, (find at toy/dept store)

Payday- board game ( find at toy/dept. store)

Getting Your First Job.-This Life AdviceŽ Program section about Getting Your First Job produced by the MetLife Consumer Education Center and reviewed by the National Career Development Association.