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Transition Planning for the Person with

Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

The information and links on this page are to use in addition to the other information on transition planning, with additional supports needed with students with intellectual and developmental disabilities, health impaired and autism.

Strategies for Transition Planning for Student with Autism Spectrum Disorder- ASD

IDD- Coordinated Services (for the IEP-Transition Plan)

NH Area Agency Manual- There are many service agencies referred to in this manual, some of which you may find helpful in assisting you in your endeavors.

NH Area Transition Guide- This is the most recent version (2005) of the NH Area Agency Transition Guide.

Volume 1: Life Planning for a Person with a Disability

Volume 2: Legal & Financial Planning for a Person with a Disability

Customized Employment: A process for customizing employment outcomes For individuals with significant disabilities

Making It in the World by Hagner and Dowd Stories of successful transitions of five NH youth. This article made possible by the NH DD Council.

Overcoming the barriers for people on the autistic spectrum PowerPoint

Redefining the Workplace for Autistic Teens and Adults:

Worksheet to teach and assess understanding of the components of the post secondary outcomes.

Typical high school students may develop social skills in the context of extra-curricular activities, but individuals with autism may be missing activities that are an important part of high school life, such as creating social networks, learning negotiation, and practicing relational problem-solving techniques. (Turnbill et al., 2003). Among students with disabilities, self-perceptions and choices of students with autism tend to exclude them from extra-curricular opportunities (Wagner, et al., 2007). Generally students with autism are among the least independent among disability subgroups (Wagner, Came to, Levine & Garza, 2006).

Curriculum/Teaching Materials for Teaching Life Skills

Casey Life Skills: Here you will find free and easy to use tools to help young people prepare for adulthood. The life skills assessments provide instant feedback. Customized learning plans provide a clear outline of next steps, and the accompanying teaching resources are available for free or at a minimal cost.

Life Skills Guidebook. from Casey Family Programs .org

It's My Life: Employment Employment provides benchmarks for career exploration and techniques for job seeking

"Money Pals" and "I Know Where I'm Going," But will my cash keep up!

I Can Do It! A Micropedia of Living on Your Own
This engaging, easy to use resource can be used by older youth to guide them through most topics pertaining to living on their own, including budgeting, housing, daily living and relationships. For self-teaching or group teaching.

Preparing Adolescents for Young Adulthood (PAYA)
A workbook series created by Massachusetts Department of Social Services. PAYA can be used by the learner alone, or with an adult. Topic areas and brief assessments match the learning goals and expectations of the Guidebook. The Activity/Resource Workbook contains information and exercises by topic area to help develop or strengthen the skills of the learner.

There are five modules available consisting of multiple PDF files (please follow the links below to access files):

  • Module 1: Money, Home and Food Management
  • Module 2: Personal Care, Health, Social Skills, and Safety
  • Module 3: Education, Job Seeking Skills, and Job Maintenance Skills
  • Module 4: Housing, Transportation, Community Resources, Understanding the Law, and Recreation
  • Module 5: Young Parents Guide

Ready, Set, Fly! A Parent's Guide to Teaching Life Skills
This resource was developed by foster parents for other parents to use when teaching life skills. The Activity Book is designed to be used in conjunction with the Life Skills Guidebook. It contains a series of activities and suggestions that may be used in one-to-one instruction. For parents use with youth ages 8 and older.

Available as free pdf:

Under Standing TAXES- This online version includes detailed lesson plans, interactive activities, simulations, and more!For Educators, every Understanding Taxes lesson includes the correlations to national and state educational standards. Each lesson plan includes a link to the applicable national and state standards, making it simple to integrate Understanding Taxes into your existing classroom curricula.

more life skills resources online

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